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Our Missions

The decentralisation legislation which came into force in 1982 gave each Département Council (Conseil Général) overall competency for managing its administrative département. As a result the Conseil Général is involved in almost every aspect of daily life:


From pre-natal care to help for the elderly, the Conseil Général is involved at all stages of life, whenever there is a need. Prevention and attentiveness to the inhabitants of Lot-et-Garonne, help for the elderly and disabled, fighting against exclusion, protecting children in danger and support for families experiencing difficulties all form part of its responsibilities. Half of the Département's resources are devoted to solidarity.


Lot-et-Garonne is a rural département which benefits from dynamic agriculture - successfully modernised whilst preserving the landscape and the environment. For over twenty years now, the Conseil Général has been supporting farmers - who account for 10% of the working population in the département.


Decentralisation legislation entrusted the Départements with the responsibility of encouraging the public to read, with the Département Library, local Archives and the conservation of written heritage. It also enabled the Conseil Général to provide financial support for the département's sports clubs and associations, giving people living in the country access to services and entertainment similar to that available in towns. Asso 47, a department of the Conseil Général, helps project-bearers of all types to set up non-profit associations.


Regional, economic and tourism development have always been at the heart of councillors' concerns. For each inhabitant of Lot-et-Garonne to be able to live and work locally, new activities, companies and jobs based on the region's key assets need to be constantly created.


The Conseil Général’s responsibilities include the modernisation and upkeep of lower secondary schools, the promotion of manual jobs, support for educational actions and extra-curricular activities, pupil grants, school transport and more. In this way, it assists young people in Lot-et-Garonne throughout their studies, promoting equal opportunities and making sure success is available to all.


The sensitive natural areas tax (TDENS) is paid to the département, allowing it to implement a fully-fledged policy in favour of natural environments.


The Conseil Général's objective in the field of communications infrastructures and networks is to open up the département in order to develop, create and maintain jobs. The Council designs and implements new projects to enable everybody, whatever their means of transport, to travel throughout the département easily - as well as enjoy access to mobile telephony and high speed internet connections, allowing instant contact with the whole world.


Sport has a special place our département. With 1,130 associations, 85,000 registered players and 23,000 volunteer workers, the world of sport in Lot-et-Garonne displays its vitality and strength on a daily basis. In order to support and protect this dynamic, Lot-et-Garonne Conseil Général awards subsidies worth a total of some 3 million euros every year to associations, to help with their running costs and the events they organise.

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