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The Conseil General

Elected by the inhabitants of the forty cantons in the département of Lot-et-Garonne, councillors meet in their chambers at the Hotel Saint-Jacques in Agen.

With the support of over 1,200 civil servants, their work is devoted to improving the daily lives of the people of Lot-et-Garonne in several areas: social action; highways; lower secondary schools and school transport; economic growth and job creation; rural and agricultural development; tourism, culture and sport.


he Council has been in existence for 200 years, but has actually been responsible for management of the département's affairs only since decentralisation legislation came into force in 1982. The département level of government remains close to citizens at the same time as enabling major projects to be developed to prepare the future. This is what the councillors strive to achieve, in the interests of both present and future inhabitants of Lot-et-Garonne.